The Sage Grove



NOTE: We are NOT a Wiccan group. We follow the Dacian tradition of the greater Thracian branch tradition of Eastern Europe.


The Sage Grove coven is an incorporated religious fellowship in Midwest City, OK, under the name of Sage Grove, Inc.



Our roots come from the Ancient European traditions, mainly from the Thracian tradition of Eastern Europe. We honor the Ancient Gods and Goddesses, our ancestors, and the spark of Divinity in each human being. We strive to keep the ancient traditions and lore alive. We are part of the nature and nature is part of us. We learn to acquire balance within ourselves and with all that surrounds us.


We respect everybody’s right to search for truth, meaning and spiritual growth, as well as their right to their own beliefs, religion, way of life, dignity and respect. We do not force our beliefs and practice upon others. We treat everybody equally, without consideration of their age, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or physical handicaps. We believe in justice, love, support and compassion in human interaction.